Virtual Visits

Patient Guide to Virtual Visit – Visits must be scheduled with a call to the office – Patients cannot request visits from the portal.

It is much easier on to use the App on your iPhone/iPad or Android device including tablets

The app is called Followmyhealth looks like this and can be found in the app store or google play.  

Patients that do not already have an account should create one.

Once you have created your account it will ask you if you would like to connect to an office. Choose Haller & Hug and request connection. After connection request is made you can log off the app.

When the office accepts the connection you will get a notification on your phone/tablet which will let you know you should log back on. At which time you should see the link for your virtual visit.

Patients should click Check In and follow prompts all the way through to the waiting room. Please be sure to acknowledge all questions you’re asked and that you are in the “waiting room” at appointment time.

If your screen does not say you are in the waiting room look for the next/continue buttons. Also check to be sure all items are enabled camera, microphone, and notifications. You must allow all items it asks for including location for the connection to work.