Things to Remember

We get frequent calls regarding the following questions. We are more than happy to answer any question you might have, but you may just find a few answers below 🙂

  • For Lists of Insurances we accept Click Here
  • Patients requesting ADD/ADHD medication must be seen every six months by their primary care physician. Patients not seen within six months will need to make an appointment with their primary care physician. Patients will receive their prescription at the office visit.
  • When concerns or problems arise that cannot be handled by the staff, patients are welcome to contact our office director Jackie at 248-781-0954 or you can log onto the website and send her a private message.
  • We are trying to cut down on postage costs so please send/bring a self addressed stamped envelope to the office when requesting to have anything sent back to you by mail.
  • Answering service if you need to reach us after hours # 248-522-2838
  • All minors(under 18yrs) unaccompanied by their parent or legal guardian must have a consent for treatment signed by their parent or legal guardian.