About Us

About Haller & Hug PC

We have 7 physicians who are board certified. Our physicians are highly trained in primary care and specialty needs.

Our physicians are trained in both internal medicine (adults) and pediatrics (children) to treat all ages. Their dual certification allows them to treat patients throughout their lifetime. Our support staff is caring, compassionate and highly trained to help you with your care in our office.


Mission and vision for patients

We have this mission and vision for our patients: to provide quality health care and to be advocates for all patients, newborn through adulthood. To accomplish this mission, we pledge to follow these specific areas of health care:

1. Practice preventative medicine.
2. Monitor physical growth, development, and psychosocial parameters throughout childhood and adulthood.
3. Teach and provide guidance in parenting skills.
4. Educate families concerning school problems, management of specific chronic or developmental illness, safety and family interactions.
5. Diagnose and manage specific illnesses, when necessary, utilizing the resources of any hospital where the practicing physician has privileges.
6. Counsel adolescents in the areas of puberty, sexual identity, family interactions, preventative medicine, and avoidance of substance abuse.
7. Utilize outside resources for more specialized management of specific illnesses when indicated.
8. Educate adult patients regarding preventative health care and refer, when appropriate, for ongoing medical care.

Personalized care for patients of all ages

We consider each of our patients to be a unique individual with specific and sometimes conflicting needs. Our physicians are trained to recognize, treat, and counsel in all of these areas. As health care staff, we strive to treat all of our patients with the utmost respect and diligence.