FAQs COVID Vaccine

January 18, 2021 Off By hallerandhug_5p4yf4

Here are some answers for some frequently asked questions about the COVID Vaccine.

(1) The vaccine is SAFE. All of the physicians in the practice have been vaccinated and we strongly recommend, encourage, hope that EVERYONE receive the vaccine.

(2) We do not have the Covid-19 vaccine (if at any point it becomes available in our office, we will be sending an email blast, text messages and or portal messages to patients).

(3) The Federal Government owns all doses of Covid-19 vaccine. The Federal Government is distributing the vaccines to States. Currently, the State of Michigan is sending its available doses to Hospital systems, the health department, and Walgreen’s/CVS (who are immunizing extended care facilities/nursing homes). Other providers (such as Rite Aid and Meijer) are next in line to receive the vaccine but will not likely be immunizing the public for at least a month.

(4) The State of Michigan is requiring all providers to follow the CDC guidelines for whom to vaccinate first. Currently, health care providers, anyone over the age of 65, teachers and first responders, and other essential workers have been deemed eligible.

(5) The best way to get in line for the vaccine is to sign up with one of the Health systems if you have been a patient there. All of our patients should be able to download the MyBeaumontChart app and receive an email invitation for the vaccine when they are eligible.

(6) There is a slower than hoped roll out of the vaccine. Last week the State of Michigan received only 60,000 doses. There are currently many, many more people who are eligible for the vaccine that have yet to receive it. It may take a little while to receive an invitation.

Thank you.