Controlled Substance/Opioid Policies

Controlled Substance Policy beginning 6/1/18


Patients requesting controlled substance prescriptions (any script that requires pick up from the office) now require 3 business days. If you are unsure if your medications fall into this category you can call the office or click this link, Definition of Controlled Substance Schedules.  The State of Michigan’s new law now requires the office to run MAPS (what_is_maps_and_why) on all patients who receive a controlled substance prescription. This takes time and will make it impossible to do same day prescriptions for patients.

Please keep this in mind when wanting to pick up a prescription during an office visit, or while in the neighborhood. Please make requests to the office 3 business days prior to the date you wish to pick up the prescription, either by phone or through our portal.


Opioid Policy Beginning 6/1/18


Once every 6 months, patients will need to have a Medication Review appointment. The other months, patients will be able to request their prescriptions as stated above. These visits will also, be billable to insurance or patients as appropriate. If you have copays/deductibles with your insurance they will be due at the time of these visits.


If you are unsure if you take an Opioid containing medication you can check this list.

List of Opioid products

Epidemic Info


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